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Shoop Da Nile

2008-01-11 17:43:56 by Bonemill

At the seething and fiery center
He sits upon his black man throne
Within his halls of darkness
Charging his beam to aim with precision

Both blind and bereft of mind
He charges unceasingly
And the beams that rise and fall in measured patterns are the foundations of all the worlds
Ever calculating in sound the structure of space and time

Were his lazor ever to suddenly fall silent
All the spheres would shatter into one another
And the myraids of worlds
Would be unmade
As they were before creation

The lazor of the blind idiot
Both makes and unmakes the worlds in ceaseless combinations
Spinning on the woven carpet of time

No lazor without chargin'
No chargin' without lazor

To lazor a thing is to make another
Each time a thing is made
Another is lazored

The idiot god on his black throne
Does not choose
What shall rise into being
And what should pass away
He cares only to maintain
his mindless unholy n***abeam of random creation and destruction

No living creature can look upon his face
And endure its terrible heat
And blue radiance
That is like the reverberating unseen rays of molten iron
Which strike and burn the skin of those who would dare
Gaze into the countenance of the idiot god

Never does he recieve supplicants
In his black halls of uncouth angles
Nor does he ever hear prayers or answer them
Endlessly he charges
And endlessly he fires his lazors
For his lazor is insatiable
As he consumes his own wastes after the custom of idiots

As he charges
So he lazorz

Shoop Da Nile


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2008-01-11 17:46:57

The Lawling of the Kidd

Bonemill responds:

Lmfao the howling of the jinn


2008-01-11 22:08:14



Bonemill responds:

I know ahhahaah