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Viking Journal 1.

2008-02-04 21:21:32 by Bonemill

OK, so this is my first journal. If you dont like it, I will crush you. So, to furthermore make my journal interesting, I will rant about things in todays news and I will tell you about awesome music and I will let you know how my day went.

So to start off I will begin talking about fashion. Every day I see people with gootchie bags, hollister, abercrombie, american eagle, and frankly I prefer my pelts. You cannot go wrong with some chain mail and fur pelts. As for accesorising A helmet and my axe. My thors hammer pendant and drinking horn. It attracts almost every female in existance. If it doesnt who cares I am bigger and stronger and they need not be willing. Another nice touch i use to make my eyes gleam is celtic blood. Celtic blood can make everything look better. I could dip a pile of my droppings into some celtic blood and I guarantee some other of my viking friends including I would wear it proudly. In fact I do on tuesdays.

Now for an interesting story yesterday I had my longship double parked in the handicap spaces when a mall security guard comes running out at me. Naturally a bit offended I take out his spine. Then to further my problems some woman starts crying right in my ears. So I turned around and crushed her head with my fist and drunk the security guards blood with my newly made skull bowl. Now I see this car with flashing blue lights come driving out at me and some rævskillpadde comes out threatening to put me in shackles. I told him to come and face me like a man. He came towards me and I threw my axe at his stomach and he fell to the ground. I went home angry covered in blood sat down and watched jay leno and remembered I didnt even get that full house second season dvd that I went for.

But now I must take my leave. I will post another journal soon


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2008-02-08 23:45:01

Woooooooooooooooooooooooo that's great.